Value of ORCID

What is ORCID?

Who uses ORCID?

  • Research institutions – see ORCID US Community members (190+ research institutions in the US)
  • Publishers110+ publishers requiring ORCID iD around the globe
  • Funders – increasingly requesting or requiring ORCID iDs for investigators (learn more)
  • Individuals – over 12 million people across the globe involved in research, innovation, & scholarly communication in multiple disciplines

Why use ORCID?

ORCID makes it easier for organizations to keep track of sponsored programs, research outputs, and other activities that your researchers are involved in by allowing institutions to:

  • Uniquely identify individual researchers
  • Streamline reporting workflows for gathering data about researchers’ activities, in order to measure institutional impact and/or assess individual contributions for performance review, promotion, & tenure
  • Confirm affiliations with researchers to improve accuracy & trust in the research and scholarly communication landscape
  • Stay connected with researchers even after they leave your institution
  • Save time and reduce administrative burden by using automated data transfer in research reporting workflows (via the ORCID API)
  • Leverage interoperability across both internal and external stakeholder systems & workflows

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