Any non-profit organization in the US can become a member of the ORCID US Community, administered by Lyrasis, which provides premium ORCID consortium membership benefits to participating organizations. Premium membership is the highest level of ORCID membership. To learn more about how your organization could benefit from ORCID US Community membership, or to request membership paperwork and become a member, contact

ORCID US Membership Fees

Currently, each organization in the ORCID US Community consortium pays the same fee of $4,800 per calendar year, and this fee will remain flat through 2023. Beginning January 1, 2024, ORCID's tiered fee structure will take effect for ORCID US Community members, based on ORCID’s fee principles . Pricing details are outlined below, and more details can be found in our 2024 Fee Change FAQ. The membership fee is pro-rated for new members joining mid-year. All members receive an annual renewal notice to confirm continued participation from year to year.

2022-2023 ORCID US Community membership fee breakdown:

Total = $4,800 / year

  • $3,000 - ORCID membership fee
  • $1,800 - Lyrasis administrative and support fee

2024 ORCID US Community membership fee breakdown: (Tiers are based on the total annual operating budget of the member organization. Fees listed below may be subject to a 3% increase from year to year.)

Small Tier (<$10M) = $3,600 / year

  • $1,600 - ORCID membership fee
  • $2,000 - Lyrasis administrative and support fee

Standard Tier ($10M - $1B) = $5,200 / year

  • $3,200 - ORCID membership fee
  • $2,000 - Lyrasis administrative and support fee

Large Tier (>$1B) = $6,300 / year

  • $4,300 - ORCID membership fee
  • $2,000 - Lyrasis administrative and support fee

ORCID US Membership Benefits

Organizations participating as members of the ORCID US Community receive the following benefits:

  • Access to 5 Premium ORCID Member API keys for connecting multiple enterprise systems with the ORCID registry. Integration of local systems with the ORCID API allows institutions to:
    • Authenticate, connect, read, and update associated researchers’ ORCID iD records
    • Assert ownership of organization name(s) for consistent, trusted, and valid affiliations with researchers
    • Maintain connections with researchers across time, disciplines, and borders
    • Ease administrative burden with faster, interoperable, and automated information sharing between local systems and researchers’ ORCID records
  • Access to the ORCID Member Portal, which provides access to:
    • Member Reporting: On-demand, real-time reporting and statistics related to local adoption of ORCID and usage of institutional ORCID API integrations
    • Affiliation Manager: Graphical user interface (GUI) that allows institutions to add affiliations to their researchers’ ORCID records manually or via CSV upload
  • Monthly ORCID Member Newsletter
  • Access to dedicated tier 1 technical and community support
  • Access to ORCID registry search services to help identify current ORCID holders at your institution (for planning and assessment purposes)
  • Participation in the annual ORCID US Community Awards
  • Access to the ORCID US Community Members-Only Discussion Forum, and participation in a growing national and international community developing best practices, knowledge, and skills in research and scholarly communication workflows

See our Value of ORCID one-pager for more information, and contact with any questions.

Member Responsibilities

To get the most value from ORCID, members should integrate the ORCID member API into local systems using the 5 API keys that are included in the ORCID US member benefits. To learn more about how to get started, visit our ORCID US Planning Guide.